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Workout with us from wherever you are

Launching April 6, 2021 

This program is designed to give you the flexibility you need to fit exercise into your life while holding you accountable to get the work done.

Accountability is a crucial part of staying consistent and motivated, being supported by others with common goals and intentions.

Through a private FB group, you will receive daily tips, motivation, and accountability. This is a place for you to share any days that are really hard, ask for and celebrate all of the victories that come your way! The goal is to give you constant support so that you can change your habits and create new ones – having a community of support is critical to success! 

Working with a group of like-minded individuals all on their own fitness journey you will be supported with personal guidance from our Certified Personal Trainer. This program includes:

  • Individual health & fitness assessment 

  • Personal goal setting 

  • Specialized home workouts designed by your fitness coach 

  • Printable workout tracker

  • Weekly live group workout (will be recorded for those who cannot attend)

  • Themed content which may include accountability check-ins, recipes, exercise tutorials, motivational videos, fitness tips

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group


Research suggests that over 50% of people who purchase a home workout program fail to complete it due to a lack of accountability and support. So having a group of like minded people to lean on and laugh with is essential to success! 


Fitness Coach Plus

$100 per month 

  • includes everything listed above INCLUDING the live weekly workout

Fitness Coach

$50 per month 

  • includes everything listed above EXCEPT the live weekly workout

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